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What are we trying to do?

We are trying to develop a tool that will deliver real-time, verified alerts about nearby ICE raids, checkpoints or other types of immigration enforcement activity. The app will also allow witnesses to report raids or sightings along with critical details, which will then aid in verification of raids by advocates. These alerts will inform vulnerable immigrants of risks they may face in their neighborhood or workplace. They will also enable legal aid groups, community organizations and activists respond rapidly to protect immigrant communities.

Will this be a Mobile App?

Initially, RedadAlertas will not be a mobile app - it will be a webapp accessible via a website and text message-based alerts. Once we have built a working webapp, we intend to rapidly build towards a RedadAlertas mobile app that would be available through app stores.

Initially RedadAlertas will be accessed via a mobile-friendly website where a user can specify your zip code and phone number in order to receive text message-based alerts about raids in your area. Users will be also be able to use the website to report and verify raids. Alerts will also be posted to the website and region-specific social media accounts that can monitored by journalists and others.

Eventually, the tool may also be available as a mobile app that will provide location-based notifications to alert users about nearby raids and other immigration enforcement activity. A mobile app will also make it easier for witnesses to report raids, verify raids, and call for help from advocates.

Who is building RedadAlertas?

RedadAlertas was created as an open-source project by Celso Mireles, a formerly undocumented software developer and tech activist based in Phoenix, AZ. Over a dozen developers, organizers and legal experts from around the country - many of whom are immigrants - have joined the project and are volunteering their time to build the app using collaboration and open-source tools.

Why is this developed as open-source?

Open-source software increases the quality of the codebase, and can be more secure. The code created is open for other experts to audit, critique, and point out vulnerabilities. With open-source software, instead of having to trust a few unknown developers, you are trusting a community of developers that are monitoring, auditing, finding issues, and helping fix them.

How will RedadAlertas protect user privacy?

The app will generate several different kinds of alerts which carry different levels of risk of surveillance. Text message alerts may put vulnerable users at risk, although we will work to minimize such risks. Privacy-conscious users could anonymously use the website to monitor alerts by searching a zip code. We intend to improve the privacy of this app when we move towards development of a mobile app.

  • Crowdsourced State Surveillance
  • Realtime
  • Public Raid Data
  • Open Source
  • Mobile Acccessible

Thanks to our contributors!

This project would be nowhere without the work of awesome
developers contributing their time and expertise.

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